Gabby and Richie

Confession time… when I first met Gabby for coffee a few months back, I was running on very little sleep and would literally fall asleep standing up, let alone sitting down. My baby was only a few months old and could barely string two sentences together without forgetting what I was talking about. However, as soon as I sat down with this sweet girl, life came back to me. It was wonderful. We talked, giggled, and had an amazing time getting to know each other and all the details of her and Richie’s upcoming wedding. I’m not sure I ever told her this, but as a mom… those conversations are cherrished, the ones where you leave feeling like a human and energized. I was so excited to have just spent my evening with her. Richie, you have an absolute gem… I’m so honored to be your photographer! Their engagement session was beautiful and so much fun. We met at Gabby’s parents house, an amazing horse farm set on a hill overlooking breathtaking scenery. We were all over the property, and even got Gabby up on a horse. With the sun finishing off the session with a beautiful glow, we sat down and enjoyed good conversation and wine. I, again, left with my heart full of joy. These two are amazing. November isn’t coming fast enough… I’m so excited to photograph their wedding!