Hannah and Daniel

Hannah and Daniel walked in to my booth at the Forever Bridal Wedding Show a year ago. There was an instant connection for a lot of reasons, but for me the biggest one is that Daniel is going from pro baseball player to living the schedule of a coach, and Hannah is his #1 fan and supporter. People just assume that because your in the sports world, there is no stress and its fun no matter what… and thats simply not true. The buck stops at the coaching staff… they rise and fall with the sucesses and failures of the team. Its the best job and the most frustrating… all wrapped in one. The true coaches love and respect the game, even when its seemed to have turned it back on them, and respect it even more when they find the success they’ve been seeking. How do I know so much about this, you ask? My amazing husband is one of the men’s soccer coaches at NC State. We moved to Raleigh for his job. We love it here. We’ve grown in our lives and marriage in amazing ways here. So, when Hannah and Daniel walked in to my booth, and we got a chance to get to know each other a little… there was something in my heart that was instantly attached to them. Hannah understands the life she is entering with Daniel, and is so excited for it. They are so strong, so happy, and so ready to be married. When I look at those two, I see so much more maturity than Steven and I had when we were engaged. I had no idea what being a coaches wife entailed. I love it now, and am so proud of my hubby. I’m also grateful that Hannah is already aware of all! She loved Daniel and supported him all through his playing days in college and pro, so being a coaches wife will be smooth sailing for this sweet girl. Hannah and Daniel, you are champions in my book… you braved those crazy waves because I really wanted you in the water… thank you! You two are the best! ONE MORE MONTH!!!

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