Kaylee and Armand

These two are my Christmas couple. I loved celebrating the holiday season with their wedding. It was a wonderful mixture of fun, full on worship, tears of joy, dancing, beauty, and scooters! :) Oh, and lets not forget the moment I had the best man fluffing the brides veil during a photo! I love his willingness to fluff and dive into the near by bush... may have been o[...]

Hannah and Daniel

Hannah and Daniel walked in to my booth at the Forever Bridal Wedding Show a year ago. There was an instant connection for a lot of reasons, but for me the biggest one is that Daniel is going from pro baseball player to living the schedule of a coach, and Hannah is his #1 fan and supporter. People just assume that because your in the sports world, there is no stress a[...]

Gabby and Richie

Confession time... when I first met Gabby for coffee a few months back, I was running on very little sleep and would literally fall asleep standing up, let alone sitting down. My baby was only a few months old and could barely string two sentences together without forgetting what I was talking about. However, as soon as I sat down with this sweet girl, life came back [...]

Senior Photo Shoot: Andrew

I absolutely love going back to visit my hometown... and I especially love it when I can photograph seniors from my High School. GO REDHAWKS!! Andrew did our school proud as a track and cross country stud. There is something so exciting about photographing seniors, and Andrew is no exeption. Seeing the excitement and anticipation of his future in his eyes is so fun! [...]

Engagement: Hannah and Clint

Every so often, a couple comes along that finds their way to the inner most circle of my heart. I grow very fond of all my couples, and many of them remain friends for years. However, this couple is a little different. I first met Hannah soon after moving here to Raleigh. The transition for our family was very hard... and the one who felt it most was our little Ellian[...]


This dynamite couple was so much fun to hang out with on the day of their engagement shoot. We got starbucks, took some photos at North Hills, grabbed some dinner at one of my new favorite restaurants (Yard House), and then headed over to the famous bridge to capture some skyline photos! I adore this couple!


I have absolutely loved getting to know local vendors and this Event Planner was no exception. These amazing ladies from AmourEtMatrimonie go the extra mile to make everyone happy and comfortable... and everything they've done has been beautiful. Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Engagement: Amber and Eric

Engagement: Amber and Eric
This engagement session was full of firsts... it was the first time my couple and I came close to a really big snake... it was the first time I'd been to Campbell University... and this was my first session I shot after my baby girl was born. :) Dispite the snake, this was such a fun session. The depth and maturity of this couples love is so beautiful and strong. They[...]